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Enabling Ask The Expert Kiosk…

Our Ask The Expert kiosk application enables businesses to maximize their subject matter experts, using the existing Microsoft Skype for Business/ Lync client. Through live interactive video conferencing, our kiosk application connects the customer to the expert from remote locations with just one click of the button. Employees that may be idol at another branch or in a centralized pool, can now handle the overflow of customers. This removes any wait time or the inconvenience of having to make an appointment. The customer and expert can collaborate on a two-way video call, share files, start online applications, or use whiteboard.  The addition of the app can close business deals, improve relationship stickiness, and improve customer satisfaction.

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Uses Microsoft Skype for Business/ Lync

Unlike most 3rd party kiosk solutions which require a standalone client for your agents to answer requests, Enabling Ask The Expert utilizes your existing Skype for Business/ Lync client to answer incoming  requests.

About Skype for Business/ Lync

Skype for Business Logo Ask the Expert

Skype for Business Logo Ask the Expert

Customizable Features

You can have up to 8 different call buttons. Each call button launches a call to either an individual Lync user, or a specific Lync response group. Enabling Ask The Expert offers several branding options to mirror your corporate image. Not only can customers ask questions in a two-way video call but the expert can customize their workflow to display relevant documents or materials to the customer.

Ask the Expert Kiosk Features